Students don’t look forward to final exams

Aaron Garcia, Staff reporter

During the last week of school– from Friday May 24 until the last day of school on May 30–Dobie students will be taking the final exams. The purpose of the test is to test the student’s knowledge of a certain subject that student was in.

Students will be tested on science, social studies, math, English and any other elective course they took throughout the year. If you fail the exams it will bring your grade down. Finals are not known to be fun at all, but how do students feel about them?

People occasionally don’t want to take the finals because they are worried they will fail. Failing the finals will bring down your grade significantly. If that were to happen you would have to take summer school to make it to the next grade. If you don’t go to the summer school you will have to repeat the grade to are currently in. “I really don’t want to take the finals because I don’t want to fail them,” said Noah Irish.

Gabe Gonzales agrees.“I’m not looking forward to the finals because I think I’m going to fail, and they’re like really really boring,” said Gonzales.

Students also don’t want to take the finals because it’s boring. You’re forced to sit in a chair and test over TEKS you’ve learned, so that’s why it’s boring.

Students do not look forward to the finals for the most part because of these reasons. Finals has been a thing for schools for decades though.