Honors Night recognizes Dobie’s top achievers


Zachary Thigpen, Staff reporter

Many students were recognized for their achievements at Dobie’s Honors Night on April 29 at Steele High School’s auditorium. Dobie’s Honors Night is an annual tradition of honoring students who do amazing things every year in academics, character, leadership, attendance, athletics and more.

Students who qualify for a medal received an invitation before the ceremony. They don’t find out about the awards they would receive until the ceremony. The awards span from Teacher’s Awards, to Duke Tip honorees Perfect Attendance and more. Students that were invited to the event have this to say about how they felt:

  • “I felt really proud of myself, this was the first time I got an award at this school,” said Tyler Mohlenhoff, 8th.
  • “I felt no different than any other day as I have been in Honors Night more than once,” said Jose Bermudez, 8th.
  • “I did not really care because I was not going to get anything really special, it is a pointless event,” said Evan Sawyer, 8th.
  • “I kind of knew I would be in honors night, but it was kinda cool to know,” said Paul Hodo, 8th.

Just by what students have said, it is safe to say that most people know that if they work hard enough they are going to get in. Sure, it spoils the excitement of it a bit, but it also shows students confidence in their grades and activities in school. Confidence is a very important aspect of being able to do well, as students who know they have earned these achievements will look forward to the next year and try to improve on what they have done.

Student will look back on the awards and be happy they could show their true smarts and abilities. For reasons like this, Dobie will continue to host Honors Night to show off students’ achievements.