The 2018-2019 yearbooks are in!

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Alexis Keefe

Yearbooks for the 2018-2019 school year have arrived. This year’s book cover is a bit different from other books we’ve previously had at Dobie. It has a matte cover with a picture of the year bookers on it with the theme “ALL iN”. Normally the yearbook doesn’t have pictures of people on the cover, but they decided to change that this year.

Journalism students as well as yearbook students worked on the yearbook to make it the best that it can be. It was a group effort amongst mostly 8th graders and a few 7th graders to get the book done in time, while still trying to accurately preserve their middle school memories.

A lot of work, pictures, and time went into the yearbook. There was a lot of editing, revising, and changes that happened throughout a span of a couple weeks to make sure there were as few mistakes as possible.

Olivia Wright, 8th grader, likes the yearbook, but said she would change the color scheme and cover if she could. She says she would change the colors because it was “mostly just yellow”, and she would change the cover because the picture was blurry. “I think the yearbook was interesting, creative, and clear,” said Olivia Wright.

Overall, the book was put together well and flowed smoothly. A lot of people liked how organized it is and how everything s set up. The book is creative and people really like it. The book is only available for purchase on MySchoolBucks. There are still about 60 books for sale.

“I feel relieved and thankful that it came out as one of the best books ever” said Madilyn Morris, editor in chief