PV: We should not get rid of the STAAR test


Ava Normandin

Alexis Keefe

Alexis Keefe

When I think of the STAAR(The State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness) test, I think of studying, waking up on time, and stress. The STAAR test is one of the most stressful tests that we take all year, and it puts too much pressure on young kids to perform well. Some of the people, especially students, want to get rid of the STAAR because it causes way too much stress, which is not healthy for the students.  

All public school students in Texas, grades 3–12, take STAAR tests. That means that every year for nine years, students have to look forward to going off to take the test that determines if they go to the next grade or not. I think that this puts a lot  of pressure on the students, which can cause too much stress and make them not perform as well as they could.

With the STAAR, teachers are so focused on teaching what is going to be on the test that it is almost all that they teach. Teachers are obligated to just teach the test, and that standardized test results don’t tell the full story of a child’s potential. Students miss out on learning some of the extra information that might not be on the test but is useful in other situations. This might make it harder for them in the years to come.

We should get rid of the STAAR test. It only causes stress and could make learning at school more stressful because they have to make sure that the students learn what is on the test, not everything that might help them in the future.