The best day of Amarion Miller’s Life

Alexis Keefe

Amarion Miller is an 8th grader at Dobie. The best day of his life was on his seventh birthday. The thing that made that day so good was that his dad came home from deployment and surprised him. He didn’t know that his dad was going to come home yet.

Amarion’s dad was deployed in Iraq for two years before he came home. He said that when he saw his dad, he was surprised. There was nothing particularly bad about that day, but if he could, Amarion would change the fact that he cried.

His birthday was just a normal day to begin with, he woke up, did his normal stuff, then went to Austin Parks to celebrate. About an hour into their celebration, they decided to blow out the candles. While that was happening, his dad showed up to surprise him.

Once his dad was back, Amarion said “It made me feel like he wouldn’t leave anymore,” His dad was finally home and he could actually spend time with him and be with him again. It was a relieving, and emotionally overwhelming day, and his dad was home for good.