Students insight on the dreadful finals


Silvia Makori

Mariah Biache

Mariah Biache, Staff Reporter

All students at Dobie Jr. High have their own viewpoint about the end of the year finals. Some concur with the test, others just greatly dislike them. Seventh graders on the other hand get to take finals for the first time.

Lauren Brochu who is in 7th grade said, “I’m not too worried because I studied a lot, but just a little nervous.” On the contrary, Pieper Jones, an 8th Grader said, “ I don’t really have an opinion about them, I’m just trying to get through the exams because of summer.”

Students also have various ways to prepare for them. The finals are taken in every class period, not including lunch, and will be taken as a summative grade. This will represent your grade by 10%, because of this some students take finals very seriously. In contrast Madison Williams, 8th grade adds, “I’m not excited for the finals at all, but I was able to exempt my art final a least.”

Finals are taken place on the last week of school, because of this students have been dreading to come to school. Many students are pushing through theses last few days and trying to take the stress off of them about the upcoming finals.

Ava Pena who is in 8th grade said, “The way I take the stress off of me is mainly sports and drawing.” Students have many different ways to help them calm down about the test, some study hard, some blow it off, and some relax and just live day by day.

Taking on tests throughout the last month of the school year can bring a lot of pressure to many. The website Mental Health America said, “Finals season is always a challenge, and many of the ways we try to deal with that stress end up putting additional stress on the mind and body.” In many ways this is true. Liliana Gonzalez ,7th grade, said overall she agrees with this statement because she can relate to it because she has experienced it many times.

As the school year of 2018-2019 comes to an end, student are going to expect more exams as they get up in age.“Staying on top of things.That is an helpful aspect,” said Alissa Bennett in 7th grade. In this case you can go to the Dobie Jr. High website to get information that is very helpful, like the new schedule, or what exam you will be taking on certain days of the week.

Many students, but mainly 7th graders, are all new to this exam testing on the last week. They are unsure how everything will lay out. For example, I ask ten 7th graders how they are feeling about the upcoming exams. 6 out of 10 felt a bit worried and stressed about the exams, they said overall it was the number of questions on the test that mainly pressured them.  

Though taking test on the last week of school can be a hassle, theses test show not only us but our teachers how much we have learned this year. Even if a you might get a bad grade on one of the test, it shows you how much more you could improve. Yes many students don’t agree with them being on the last week, but every test we take is a step closer to summer.