How Dobie students feel about viral challenges

Brooke Frank, Staff Reporter

There are loads of viral challenges going on in the internet, and some can be fatal.Challenges can vary from dangerous to just silly and goofy ones. An example of a dangerous challenge is the Salt and Ice Challenge in which pour salt on their arms and then place ice on it and see who can withstand the pain for the longest amount of time.  The Salt and Ice challenge can cause second and third-degree injuries. The water bottle flip challenge is an example of a fun and safer challenge for participants.

Kelly Drewes, 8th grader said ”, she has done challenges before.” “ I did the cinnamon challenge a few years ago and I coughed a lot and had to drink water right after, it didn’t hurt me or anything. I knew that it could of killed me, but I have seen my friends do it and thought, ‘Oh that looks fun,’ said Drewes.The cinnamon challenge could kill you or cause you to have respiratory or throat issues.

Isaac Mokrane, 8th grader , said he does not do challenges. “ Viral challenges are stupid, and they aren’t popular anymore so I don’t know why they are important. Honestly we have bigger fish to fry,” Mokrane said.

Lots of people agree with Mokrane and they know that they can kill you, but other people have different opinions on viral challenges. According to one of the most dangerous viral challenges is the Ghost Pepper Challenge where participants eat the hottest pepper in the world and it causes a burning sensation in their mouths and can cause nausea, vomiting, possibly a ride to the hospital.

Lauren Sanchez, 8th grader “, thinks that challenges are bad for students and can cause serious injuries.” “ I have done the Ice bucket challenge, and personally I don’t see any harm in it at all,” Sanchez said. “ Yes, I know that some of these challenges can kill you, but if you do some research about it and see if its harmful or not then you should know the risks going into it.”

As a result of these challenges many people have gotten injured and even worse have died. In one situation, Mason Bogard was just an ordinary teenager who wanted to try the choking challenge, but unfortunately it didn’t end well and he passed away, luckily he was an organ donor and he donated his organs to those who need it. Some viral challenges have been fun to do and don’t cause any harm, but some challenges can harm you and leave your family devastated. As a result of these challenges people need to be more aware of the dangers it can cause.

“It’s dumb, students don’t use their common sense when it comes to these types of challenges,” said Mrs. Compton, an 8th grade ELA teacher.