PV: The STAAR Shouldn’t be a big deal

PV: The STAAR Shouldn’t be a big deal

Dean Slater, Staff Reporter

According to the Texas Education Association website The State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness or STAAR is the standardized for Texas which tests how students are doing and is the way the state sees if funding the school was worth it. This test in my opinion is a terrible way to see how you are doing academically and makes a lot of people nervous when taking this test and if you fail you get held back. I do not think we should remove the STAAR all together I just think we should remove some of the consequences of failing.


Kera News believes that they should lower the stakes of failing this test. Christopher Brown a professor at UT says “So I think it’s become an environment where everyone feels like the test is dictating what happens at schools, rather than good teaching and learning taking place.”


It should be based on your grade-average. This also rule makes some people nervous and being nervous doesn’t help them while taking this test which could cause them to fail because thats all they were thinking about. Another rule that needs to be removed is the 4 hour rule. Give everyone the amount of time they need their is no need for the 4 hour time limit if they need the whole school day allow them to do it in a whole day.


Something that doesn’t need removing is the STAAR it’s a perfect way the state sees where its money went into. Did it go into hiring good teachers? Did it go into sports? It shows how the school spent the money and this test determines if to fund more to this school or less into this school. So if it went into academics like a core class a 80% passing rate shows where the money went. If it went into electives a low passing rate could show that they cared much more about electives than core classes. This is my opinion about STAAR and how it should be changed.