The best day of Madison Williams’ life


Silvia Makori

Mariah Biache

Mariah Biache, Staff Reporter

On March 7,2019 Madison Williams  experienced the best day of her life. On that warm, humid, sunny day Dobie Jr. Highs 8th grade girls soccer team got their very first ever soccer banner! Winning a banner is a big accomplishment athletes should be proud about, Dobie soccer team won undefeated and district champions. They won a banner by 7-1.

“It was an amazing feeling, But also overwhelming to take in that we won the first banner,” Williams said. “Although I wasn’t ready for the season to be over, I wanted to keep going,” she said.

Williams said overall she had a great time playing soccer and connecting with many of the players on the team. Being part of a team where you get your schools first banner is a great experience to have in your life and definitely something you won’t forget. Now the team will be recognized by the new white banner with a soccer label on the top in the new gym. Williams couldn’t be more excited with the new accomplishment the team achieved.

During the last game  of the season and almost going undefeated could have a lot of stress on you. Everyone is counting on you to do your best for your team, coaches, and school. “It felt really good with the adrenaline rushing through my body waiting for us to win. Although at one point my heart dropped because we got scored on and we hadn’t been scored on all season. Corbett was the only team to score on us,” she said. Overall the whole team including Williams wish Corbett would had never gotten that one point, but the outcome was still positive.

After the big win for the coaches and the team, they couldn’t be more prouder for themselves. All that hard work for more then two months finally paid off. “ I would say that practices was very challenging at time, but I enjoyed it with the people I got to be with, she said. Overall, Williams couldn’t have had it any other way.