Seventh graders share their experiences

Madison Williams, Staff reporter

The first year of Dobie Jr. High is coming to a close and some seventh graders had a bad experience and some had a good experience. Coming into a new school can be nerve wracking, exciting, and different. We had quite a few students here at Dobie, with a total of about 1180 students.  

Many students enjoyed their first year at Dobie. Brayden Thompson said he is grateful for his first year. “I had a good year at Dobie because it was a new experience and the teachers were nice because they helped me through the year,” he said, adding that his favorite teacher was Ms. Johnson because she was “really nice and always helped” favorite memory was being on A team for Basketball. “I have a lot of friends at Corbett and I was glad I got to show them that Dobie is better than them,” he said. There will be new students coming in for seventh grade and Thompson had advice to share: “To all the sixth graders coming in, stay on top of your grades and work hard. Also if you want to play sports you have to pass your classes.”

Lauren Brochu said she had an amazing year at Dobie. “I definitely had a good year. I made a lot more friends than I have any other year because of how many schools mixed together,”  Brochu said. Memories are amazing to have and one of brochu’s favorite was when she was trying out for cheer with her friends. She is very encouraging and said, “I know it seems stressful now but when you get hee it’s fun and you will go with the flow.”

Noah Espinoza said he enjoyed his first year of junior high. “Seventh grade was really good for me. The teachers were great and helpful,” said Espinoza. Many people in the world love football and for Espinoza that was his favorite memory of this year. “Football games were for sure my favorite memory because we were undefeated on B team,” he said, adding that 8th grade is just around the corner and he is excited and getting himself prepared.

The class of 2024 is happy about almost being in 8th grade and although they are nervous, they are very ready.