Dobie students prepare for high school

Zoe Zarycki, Staff Reporter

The school year is coming to an end and eighth grade students are freaking out about their big transition from junior high to high school, going from being the oldest in school to being the youngest. Not only getting mentally prepared for the advanced school work but also trying to fit in, students have to get ready for all of that with only three months to prepare for it.

High school is just around the corner and there are mixed emotions about it , from being really scared or being excited. High school is a big leap from being a little 8th grader to being a high schooler it can be scary, even nerve racking. Students get ready for high school in many different ways that suit them the best.

Websites such as offer good tips on how to prepare or be ready for high school. In Wikihow they say to find out who you are. Find the things you like or the things you enjoy doing so that it’s easier to find activities you can do like, sports and clubs.

Change is hard especially when everything around you is going to be different and you don’t know what to expect. Camryn Wood, 8th grader, said she isn’t ready for high school. She’s nervous and excited. “I don’t like big change,” Wood said. One way Wood is going to get ready is by getting and staying organized.

Another 8th grader, Sean Wakelin, is very excited and said he’s been slowly preparing himself for it all year. “It’s just another step up like going from 6th to 7th grade,” Wakelin said. Wakelin prepared by finding his good and true friends and sticking with them. Wakelin also mentioned that even though he’s been preparing, the school is very big and classes will be hard to find. “That’s the thing I’m most worried about,” he said.