The wake up call for James Charles

Pieper Jones, Staff Reporter

In the last few days social media is blown up with new drama with two beauty gurus James Charles and Tati Westbrook. James Charles is a 19 year old beauty vlogger on Youtube. He wants to inspire fans with his success at such a young age.Tati Westbrook is 37 years old and is a entrepreneur for Halo Beauty and also a beauty vlogger on Youtube.

Westbrook has been a Youtuber for at least 7 years and has made videos of trying out new makeup and beauty products before the scandal she had around 6 million subscribers.Charles on the other hand started 3 years ago.

Tati helped him and was there for him since the beginning.She was like a “mom” to Charles. Her and her husband James Westbrook played a big part in his career by helping him with contracts,and helped manage him. She said he was always welcome at their house and they got really close. They had a good relationship full of love and support. Mrs. Westbrook tried to lead him on a rightful path and was there to help him with problems. Knowing that he had potential to do great things in life and really make a good living.

Charles has been in many scandals before but this one made him go far down hill. He had just hit 15 million subscribers around last Friday but now he is at 13 million and losing them by the second. To address what happened Tati uploaded a video called “BYE SISTER…”, she widely explained how Charles betrayed her and has changed over the years and not in a good way. She said the he only wanted money and wanted to do what was best for himself even if took crossing the line.

He made an apology video soon after called “Tati”. Many people disliked it because they claimed “ it was fake and it was just to help himself from not losing subscribers.” All of media is dragging his video making memes out of it and everything.

Lots of students have strong feelings and opinions over this topic. Leah Parker said, “I don’t pick sides. Yes it was wrong for James Charles to work with the skin care when Tati told him not to but he is only 19. Tati left out so much detail and the stuff that she said had no proof.” A big fan of Tati, Sydney Lloyd said, “James used Tati to get himself up on top and once he got rich and famous he used that to do whatever he wanted and his ego got bigger as his bank account got bigger.he lost himself and he thought he could do whatever he wanted to anyone because of his fame and money, but when he got exposed his career ended.”

So far Tati has almost 10 million, in less than a week she gained 4 million.Most people describe Mrs. Westbrook  as a very honest and humble person that is the reason lots are taking her side.This drama has been on every site I go on like Snapchat,Instagram and TikTok.       

Less than a day ago she posted another video saying how much she had no idea that her feud with Charles was going to get so big. In the latest video she said that she was sorry for making this whole thing blow up. She doesn’t hate him and when she posted she thought her career    would up taking the hit, not his. For now she is taking time off and really isn’t in the best place. If she could give back all her new subscribers she would, she just wanted James to learn his lesson. Recently James Charles posted another video explaining how he stands by his apology and has realized that he does in fact needs to change for the better. In the end he regained most of his followers back.