How Dobie 8th graders feel about leaving Dobie this year

Kelly Drewes, Staff Reporter

Eighth graders at Dobie Jr High are about to say goodbye. It’s been a great year for everyone, some of the 8th grader are going to Steele, some are going to Clemens, some are moving away, and some are staying here. Saying goodbye can be hard for many students, but can also be very easy for others.

Ava Peña, 8th grader,  is excited that school is almost over “I need a break, and I can spend time with family and friends,” Peña said. One of Peña’s goals for high school is to actually do work, stay organized, and meet and talk to new people.

According to U.S.News “Byron P Steele II ranked #3078 in the National Rankings,” Byron P Steele II has an score of 82.15 out of 100. Steele High school has 2,391 students according to the Texas Academic Report.

Kahlynn Martinez, 8th grader, said,  “ I am so excited for school to be over,” said Martinez. She is also excited to go to six flags during the summer with her friends. Her plans for high school are to keep her grades up and to make softball her new hobbie. “No I won’t be moving schools next year,” said Martinez.

Aliana Graham, 8th grader, is “excited to be out of here.” Her main goal for High school is to be on the girls basketball team and in Theatre.

There are a majority of schools that students can be going to, but most of Dobie students either go to Clemens or Steele, and some students are moving. All High schools  have huge opportunities for students and may make them intimidated but once you get used to it, you’ll feel better and time will fly by fast.