PV: STAAR isn’t worth the stress

Pieper Jones, Staff Reporter

In my opinion, I don’t think it is necessary to do the STAAR test.The State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness, also known as STAAR is a test that all students from 3rd to 12th grade in the state of Texas take.The purpose of STAAR is to see where the student is after the year whether he/she knows the material enough to move onto the next grade.                                                                                               

Students take the test during the spring and have all year to prepare. When you are testing, you are put in a room with students that have the similar last names and of course are in your grade.Now once you start the STAAR you have a total of 4 hours to complete a 40 to 50 question test.When you have finished your test you sit and wait in silence for the rest of the long 4 hours.I am a all A’s student and strive to have good grades and If I already have good grades I don’t see the need to take it.Teachers already know I would past the test so why waste 4 hours of my day taking a test I know I am going to pass.

I realize this might sound unfair but I think it would be a good idea if you run through students grades and then you base that on whether or not they should take it.This year I worked really hard to get the grades I deserve.This year’s STAAR I finished my math test in a hour and my reading in a hour and thirty minutes and for the rest of the time I had to have my butt seated in a tiny chair and do ABSOLUTELY nothing.I can sleep but I have heard from some students that they get nervous to fall asleep in class because they don’t want students hearing them snore.Not to mention your lunch time is pushed and you have to wait longer to eat.

STAAR was apparently made to benefit us but in my opinion it hasn’t benefited me ONE bit.I think the STAAR is a unnecessary test that should only be focused on students who actually need it. Teachers and students are put on so much pressure because of all of this and they shouldn’t be placed in that kind of position.According to a May 21, 2018 student news article “The Rampage”, “The STAAR test stresses so many kids out who, like me, succeed in the classroom, but don’t do well in testing environments like that of the STAAR.”