P.V. STAAR not necessary

Zoe Zarycki, Staff Reporter

The STAAR or State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness should not be required for various of reasons. Not only do kids dislike it but some teachers do too. I personally dislike the STAAR test and wonder why it’s necessary if students are making good grades in class and on report cards. Kids feel like the test defines them so they overthink it or stress.

Students do not like it and even stress so much it makes them throw up or have headaches. Why should one test decide if the student passes or fails the grade? I stress a lot on test and sometimes I freak out and can’t wrap my head around the questions because I’m overthinking everything.

This assessment test on things like reading and math but what about real world situations. On a recent radio station, National Public Radio, they say that “teachers feel like they are obligated to just teach the test” , not further expanding on what we need to know or should know. The test is also for everyone in the grade level even for the kids who are advancing higher then the test.

While I am in that blank testing room counting down the hours I get very anxious and want to move around but we can’t or we will get in trouble this is a negative effect for students who can’t sit for that long in silence. It’s even hard for me to sit that long and it makes me feel uncomfortable. I do not think STAAR is the answer to find out if the student should go to the next grade or make the student feel like this determines their whole year.