Best Day of Dean Slater’s Life


Silvia Makori

Dean Slater

Pieper Jones, Staff Reporter

Dean Slater had the best day of his life at The Field museum a museum about the natural history,in Chicago, Illinois. It first opened in 1921 and is one of the largest museums in the world. In the museum it displays all the earliest fossils holding  24 million specimens. Slater has been into that kind of scientific since he was in 5th grade.

He said that one day he was scrolling through Youtube and randomly clicked on a video about the evolution of dinosaurs.  After that video he got more and more interested. Going to The Field Museum was really special to him.

During the summer he had went to go visit his grandma. Slater said he really enjoys when he sees her because it is not often when he does. He usually just sees her around Christmas time but wishes to see her more. He liked that it was just him so that he could spend quality time with his grandma.

He stayed with his grandma for a whole week but it wasn’t until the last day when he went to the museum.  Around 8 in the morning is when he said he began to head to the museum. He was super excited because he has never been there before, it was his very first time. “ I don’t regret this day at all,” he said.

The first thing he went to see when he began his tour was watching this Dinosaur shows, he had a tour guide tell him all the interesting facts.Looking around the museum he saw a ton of skeletons of all different kinds. “It was really cool because I am really interested into that kind of stuff,” he said.Slater had said the he walked around with the tour guide for quite a while just learning random facts about the early life and what it was like.

“When you walk in you see a wide open area with tall ceilings,” he said. With a few skeletons of huge animals. He said that it is a really huge museum full of all kinds of stuff.  They had exhibits with a lot of Egyptian and Chinese stuff and he thought it was really cool to see because every room you walked in it kinda felt like you were actually there.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         I don’t remember much but seeing the T- Rex skeleton was what made it the best day,” he said. “It was almost the full model of a T- Rex.” He wishes to go again soon because it was such a cool experience.