Best day of Lyna Gonzalez’s Life


Jocelyn McComic

Lyna Gonzalez

Rebecca Ryan, Reporter

When Lyna Gonzalez was growing up, she was an the only girl with two brothers and she didn’t have anyone to talk with about like girl stuff. She felt lonely, her brothers with her friends and felt there was something missing in her life.

On a Sunday afternoon when Gonzalez was in 5th grade, she had just got home from a great time at church and was bored instantly, she had no one to play with or talk to and got a great idea. She walked downstairs and asked her mom for a puppy, she said “No, but we can look at some at the shelter”.

They were on their way their and Gonzalez gave a few excuses of why they should get a dog in her mind and thought it might had worked. “ Please can we get one, i don’t have a sister to play with and your always busy” said Gonzalez

When they got to the shelter, they saw a few dogs but were not the perfect ones until they came across a small brown hazel eyes dog sitting their, they both knew she was the one! After they left, they went to Petsmart ad got all the basic things like a leash, dog food, toys , and clothes. She loved going to Petsmart mostly because she loves to go shopping.

As soon as they got home, Gonzalez had to make sure there were no things on the floor to play with the new puppy and had to think of a name for her new puppy. After a while of thinking, she looks into her hazel eyes and thought of the name Hazel!  

From then to now, Gonzalez has had her for a little bit more than 4 years and has had great playing time together but as Gonzalez grew up, they didn’t play as much but Gonzalez always gives her attention when she has free time.

“I would be really really sad if she were to be out of my life,  i would cry a lot but then a few days later i would ask for another dog.”