Staff Spotlight: Mrs. Luna


Grace Barco, Staff Reporter

Since Mrs. Luna was a young child she had always dreamt of being a teacher. She even found a paper from kindergarten where she wrote that she wanted to be a teacher when she grew up. Mrs. Luna and her sister would also play “teacher.” She knew it was what she wanted to do as a career. “As I got older I always wanted to be a teacher because I always enjoyed school as a student and it always provided a sense of consistency,” Mrs. Luna said.

Mrs. Luna has worked at Dobie Jr. High for 4 years. Before working at Dobie, Mrs. Luna taught at a high school in Delaware for one year. She  also taught at another high school in Georgia for two years.

Mrs. Luna is a Spanish teacher and has always loved the language. When Mrs. Luna was a student she liked the culture and also enjoyed visiting Spanish speaking countries.

Mrs. Luna’s most memorable moment was her first year working at Dobie because Mrs. Luna met her co-workers, Mrs. Foote and Mrs. Mendoza. Mrs. Luna became very good friends with the two teachers. Although the two co-workers of Mrs. Luna don’t work at Dobie anymore, Mrs. Luna still keeps in contact with them.

Mrs. Luna enjoys teaching seventh and eighth graders. Mrs. Luna likes seeing the students develop into young adults. “I think it is critical to influence them as a teacher in a positive way,” Mrs. Luna said.

Knowing that students have a lot of potential but don’t choose to do their work is the most difficult part about being a teacher, she said. “Teaching can be a difficult job because the work doesn’t end when you leave school since you worry about the students out of school and hope they make good decisions when they’re not on campus,” Mrs. Luna said.

Mrs. Luna says the best part about being a teacher is building relationships with the students and helping them reach their potential. “Getting to know the students and watching them grow and fulfill their potential is the best part about being a teacher,” Mrs. Luna said.

Before Mrs. Luna moved to San Antonio, she lived in Delaware with her three siblings. Mrs. Luna is the oldest out of her siblings. Mrs. Luna has a sister, Erika, who is the second oldest. Allen, her brother is the second youngest and Ben is the youngest.

Mrs. Luna and her husband, Anthony have been together for seven years and they have a four year old boy, Daniel. Mrs. Luna’s husband, Anthony, serves in the Air Force so they had to move to San Antonio.

Tyla Swanton, 8th grader, Has  Mrs. Luna for her sixth period Spanish class. Swanton looks forward to Spanish class everyday. She says that her sixth period class is very welcoming because Mrs. Luna is so kind to all of her students.

Swanton looks up to Mrs. Luna as one of her role models. Swanton thinks Mrs. Luna is very kind-hearted person and a good teacher to talk to. “I would describe Mrs. Luna as amazing! I love her so much, she’s my favorite teacher ever,” Swanton said.