Dobie students say they have grown


Lyna Gonzalez, Staff Reporter

How are ways you have grown? Everyone grows mentally and physically even students at your very own school. Middle school students are continuously growing in ways you may not even realize. You can grow a few inches or just mature personality wise.

School helps everyone grow because it is constantly handing us new challenges. It may be drama that once would have bugged you or having your intelligence get enriched. Growing is just a way of life and lots of it happens without you realizing.

Growing is common for everyone. For children it’s usually growing up and seeing a big difference while for others it may be small and simple. There’s always room for growing cause improvement never stops.

Tavia Gaston, 7th grader, excitedly said her grades and attitude improved.“I have had lots of time this year to grow and that’s exactly what I did,” she said. “I was scared to come to Dobie originally, but seeing now how it has helped me, I’m glad.”

Gaston said she felt Dobie has made her more productive and responsible. “I feel like since they give us more freedom and provide us with help it really does make a difference and I’m happy to be able to see progress I have made from previous years,” added Gaston.

Amara McCollum, 8th grader, said “ Mentally I have improved tremendously and physically also. I have improved in ways I hadn’t realized.” She is now  five foot six and a half inches. She has also improved her diet by eating healthier and she has been working out. There are many benefits to eating healthier such as better mood, improved memory, and getting a good night’s sleep. She said that she can feel how much it has helped her and how she feels much more energetic now.

There are many ways to grow such as facing your fears, refining your goals, conserving your time, and admitting to your mistakes.  Marquise Hamilton, 8th grader, said, “ I have grown a lot as a person, not even personal issues,” he said. “just like going to school helps you grow as a person and being around other people who are going through the same issues.” It is common for people to improve if they are surrounded by the influence they need.

Kristina Kukleryte, 8th grader, expressed her excitement about how she has grown this year. Kukleryte said, “Growing is such a big part of life and it usually involves change to grow, you sometimes just have to let go of some things and recognize ways you can improve,” she said.

Kukleryte said that she has grown in ways she wouldn’t have expected. “Eighth grade was such a interesting year, I didn’t realize how much it would’ve impacted me and how it has shown me that there is always room for improvement,” she said.

What does growing mean for you? Everyone has their own definition of growth to something as small as finally being a little bit more organized to something as big as changing their lifestyle to something that would benefit them more. Growth is everywhere and will benefit you so much. Just remember don’t be scared to grow a bit and remember there’s always room for improvement!