Student Spotlight: Andrielle Johnson


Kenzie Jones, Reporter

Andrielle Johnson was born in Houston Texas. She is fourteen years old. She has two sisters and one brother. Johnson likes a lot of activities like train, going outside, play basketball with friends, listen to music or make music, and do a little of BMX.  

Johnson is an 8th grader at Dobie. She is so funny, smart, kind, and she is great at basketball. Johnson is best known for is being hilarious. She can make you roll on the floor even in the worst situations. Johnson can even make your day better with all her jokes.

In her spare time Johnson likes to make music, play video games, sleep, eat, watch TV, draw, and swim. Johnson love to be active so she also trains in her spare time for basketball. She also love to listen to her favorite artist Ski mask the slump god, XXX Tentacion, and Drake.

Johnson makes so many people laugh and cry sometimes because they are laughing so hard. Kloe Babcock 8th grader, said, “Andrielle is a great friend and she makes laugh to the point that I’m crying.”

Johnson has so many friends, but she has gotten really close with some of her friends. Elizah Hamilton 8th grader, is one of her good friends.  “Andrielle is a great friend and someone I can trust and she is also my ride or die person.,” Hamilton said.

Many people know Johnson loves to play basketball but some people might not know that she can be a great leader when it comes to sports. Ti’Miah Jackson-Allen, 8th grader,  said she respects Johnson.“ She is a great teammate and a great leader,” said Jackson-Allen.

Johnson makes others’  day better by making them laugh. Many of her friends love that about her because many don’t have the talent to make so many jokes in on day because she comes up with so many creative jokes which makes it better when you laugh. Even when it’s the end of the day she doesn’t say by because that’s not the way she likes to do it she says “gotta blast!”