Changes for the better




There are many students with many different opinions here at Dobie Junior High. Some people want to make changes that could help at Dobie to improve the school.

Marquise Hamilton 8th grader has been at Dobie Junior High for 2 years. There is some changes that Hamilton thinks will improve Dobie. “I feel like if students had more freedom to use their phones at they would enjoy school more,” said Hamilton.  He would also change the water bottle policy. “They sell disposable water bottles in the cafeteria but we can’t have them class,” said Hamilton. Hamilton thinks if we can have reusable water bottle why can’t we disposable in class.

Danielle Vicencio,a Dobie 8th grader, said she would change the backpack rule. “We have to go to our lockers a lot and teachers expect us to be on time, but if we had backpacks we would be on time everyday,” said Vicencio. Vicencio thinks everyone having to use lockers is really unnecessary in some ways.

Kacie Aldrich a new 7th grader at Dobie, has been a student at Dobie  for four mouths. Aldrich thinks the fact kids can’t listen to music in class when the teacher says it’s ok is stupid. “I feel like student should be able to listen to music because it can help kids focus and drown out distractions around them,and it can make working on a solo project fun,” said Aldrich.

Gracey Seamster, an 8th grader at Dobie Seamster moved here two months ago,has struggled. Seamster thinks we should have classes for new kids. “There are new kids at Dobie all the time and they should have classes for when they come in so they get help to learn,” Seamster said.Seamster moved here and has had a little trouble with the math because it’s harder here than it  was at her old school and she doesn’t understand that well.