Staff Spotlight: Mrs. Carroll


Anaya Bryant, Staff Reporter


Mrs.Nicole Carroll teaches two classes, ESL (english in a 2nd language), and Wilson reading (students with dyslexia). She loves to help people out when they need it, she helped with cheer because the cheer coach was pregnant and needed help. She decided to help her, whenever she needed it.

She likes Dobie because everyone she works with is very nice and the students at Dobie are kind too. The students “are really amazing and entertaining,“  and she loves it, because they have faced hard challenges, and yet they still try their best in class. She has no trouble with any of her classes.

She chose to work at Dobie because, she hates driving a long way. She feels like driving is a waste of time and gas. Also, Ben and Luke fight in the car a lot, so she does not like driving.

Before Dobie, she was a reading teacher. She said she chose to be a dyslexia teacher for her son, Ben, who has dyslexia. She wanted to help him though it, so she can understand him more.

In her free time, she enjoys camping, reading a good book, and taking pictures. She likes the outdoors and loves the color yellow because it’s a happy color. She loves to hang out with her wild kids, and spends most of her time hanging out with her family.

Her husband, Chris, met through the same group of friends . “He is very sweet and a hard worker, and a really good writer,” she said. He makes her feel really safe. She has five beautiful kids with him, one girl and 4 boys, named  Ben (9), Luke (7), Caden (4), Jake (2), and Riley (1). “They are very sweet and wild, but fun,” she said. “I would not trade them for nothing.”

Mrs. Carroll was born on August 7th. At a  young age she was very connected with her mom and dad. She loved (and still loves) her sister and brothers a lot.

Her childhood was very fun. She always wanted to become a teacher; she used to play teacher and make her brother, Shawn, dress up as a girl.

Her dad was in the Air Force, so she grew up on base in  Abilene, Texas with her two brothers and one sister.

In middle school her parents split up, and she was very sad about it. She met her two best friends, that she still hangs out with to this day, Jacque and Janelle who have all known each other since 5th grade.

She had strict parents growing up, and had to follow strict rules in her household. When she was sixteen and got a car, she had to pay for gas and own her insurance. She went to University of Texas at Austin, for college where she had to pay her way through by working a full time job.