PV: Students should continue taking the STAAR test


Jazlyn Garcia, Staff Reporter

The STAAR test should continue because the STAAR test not only sees how much the student has learned in a year but also states whether or not they are ready to continue onto the next grade. On the day of STAAR testing, everyone walks around in sweat pants and hoodies; Everyone seems to be in a mood. The STAAR test isn’t fun, but it helps the teachers and staff understand if their teaching method is productive and working. Also, if you do not pass the STAAR test, teachers will look over the test you took and they will see what you need to improve.

The STAAR test is a huge Test taken by grade levels 3-12. The test is taken in regular classrooms, where every student gets 4 hours to complete the test. According to “Texas Assessment Management System”, STAAR stands for State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness. This test has only one subject in each booklet but includes reading, writing, mathematics, science, and social studies.

According to “Instead Of STAAR, Use Performance Metrics That Put Students First, Says Top Texas Teacher” news article; the science teacher Jeff Wheatcraft, 2019 Texas teacher of the year, says “students are having anxiety over the STAAR test” and he doesn’t put any pressure on the students when they are taking the STAAR test. I totally agree with Jeff Wheatcraft, we really should take the STAAR test as a normal test. The STAAR isn’t something to stress a lot over; It is taken just like a normal test but with a timer, more questions, and really trying your best.

“Everybody wants their students to be successful”, said Jeff Weatcraft. Taking the STAAR in one big step that can lead to being successful. Whenever students get held back, it means they didn’t learn as much as they should have learned that year. The STAAR is a very successful test that is helping a lot of students. I don’t understand why people think this test is unnecessary taking the STAAR will determine your education. Your education will lead to your future. That is why students should continue taking the STAAR test.