The best day of Megan Fling’s life


Kenzie Jones, Reporter

Megan Fling’s best day of her life was going North Carolina with family and having amazing adventures.  Fling did lots of things like shopping, white water rafting, fishing, hikes, and going to the zoo.

Fling’s favorite part about North Carolina was going white water rafting. “My instructor made me laugh so hard that I feel out of the raft,” Fling said.The water was like forty degrees cold. “ I wish I hadn’t fell in the water because it was so cold,” Fling said

Fling got to stay in a cabin that was amazing. “It had three floors, a hot tub, shuffleboard, pool table and a huge kitchen.”Fling’s favorite part about the cabin was the living room because it had a great view of the outside and has a lot of space. “My least favorite part about the cabin was my bedroom because the bed was small to me because I’m like six feet tall” Fling said.

Fling did not want to leave when it was time to go; she loved North Carolina more than she loved Texas. “I didn’t want to leave it was the most amazing time I had,” Fling said. “I wish I could turn back time so I could just stay in North Carolina forever.”