Bae love: Why people adore Beyonce



     Since Beyonce Knowles began her career she had a huge fan base. Over the years, many more people have joined the BaeHive. The question is, why?
     Most people know just how amazing and talented of a woman she is, and if they don’t, they’ve most likely been living under a rock for the past 15 years.
     Beyonce is a social media goddess, who has become a role model for many people today, mostly teenagers. This very talented woman is a very strong advocate of equality and isn’t afraid to show it.
     “She’s always happy and positive and I really love that, she’s a beautiful soul,” said Antonio Niwuagwu, 9th grader.
     She always puts on a good show. That plays a major part in having people adore her, they have fun listening to her music, and they want to learn her dance moves. Overall this woman is very talented and will for sure, go down in history. She’s one for the books!
     People are generally drawn towards happiness. Her concerts are “wicked” according to Franky Quintana, 7th grader. “She’s beautiful and has mad talents by not falling off stage at her concerts,” Quintana said.