PV: Why the STAAR test should continue


Jocelyn McComic

Amara McCollum

Amara McCollum, Staff Reporter

As much as I dislike the tedious process of taking the State of Texas Assessment of Academic  Readiness,STAAR, I do feel like it is necessary. The STAAR test assures not only us students , parents , and teachers that we are ready for the next grade , but it also assures the state of Texas.

Texas Assessment Management System states that “STAAR is the state’s testing program and is based on state curriculum standards in core subjects including reading, writing, mathematics, science, and social studies.  All public school students in Texas, grades 3-12, take the STAAR test. “

One reason I think the STAAR should stay around if for honest , accurate grading of the test.  Most students that I know would say “ why do we have to take STAAR if we take finals ? “ I wondered that too until I asked my teachers. They said that they do not see the scores and do not get them back before school lets out. Therefore we have a final. This also double checks our knowledge of the material of our current grade.

Another reason I believe STAAR should stick around is for the milestone. I know that students that are like me and have been taking this test year after year do not see the excitement or importance of the STAAR , but I think we should think about the little ones. When I was in third grade I was so excited to be taking my first ever STAAR test. Remembering back to my mixed emotions of nervousness and excitement , I would never want that taken from a younger student. Even though the official STAAR has only been here since 2011 , State tests have always been a milestone in a students life.

Lastly, It is not that bad. I know that STAAR has been known as this huge test that we dread from the end of August to the end of May , but it is not as huge as we make it seem. It stresses students out and makes them nervous but the truth is, it is all stuff we know ! Schools have a way of exaggerating it by making you sign up to go to the bathroom and covering all of their walls with paper, but it is just a regular test. I feel like people get caught up in if they are going to fail or not. Just remember that there are many questions and you can not fail by missing six or seven. Also keep in mind that there is a benchmark before the test and retakes after. The educators do their best to make sure you are prepared for this test. Just breathe and slow down.

So even though it’s long and we take it every year, I think the benefits outweigh the negatives. It provides us with accurate grades and range of where we are academically, presents us a milestone, and end up being just a regular test. Teacher Mrs. Rodriguez from Dobie Jr High says “I think they’re important because no matter what field you choose, you’re going to have to take tests, and I one hundred percent agree. For the sake of the education of the students in Texas , I think the STAAR test should continue.