The best day of Rebecca Ryan’s life


Jocelyn McComic

Rebecca Ryan

Lyna Gonzalez

Everyone has had a day where they felt so happy. For some, they may of had multiple days while for others there might be a day that sticks out to them specifically. For Rebecca Ryan, 7th grader, her best day was in third grade when her parents took her on a shopping spree. She was really excited to be able to spend time with her parents and get new things. “I got so much new stuff like clothes, shoes, and jewelry,” Ryan said.

“I consider this my best day because I had never gone on a shopping spree this big,” she said. Ryan went to Rolling Oaks Mall with her sisters and parents. Her sisters helped her a lot, but are now grown up so it made the memory even better to get to spend it with them. Her parents are really busy most of the time so having that time with them was special.

Ryan was supposed to split the money among her siblings but ended up getting to spend most of it. She went to Children’s Place, Justice, Old Navy, Kendra Scott, and James Avery but was most excited to go to Justice. She loved how colorful the store was and thought it was so pretty. “When I walked in all the colors were so bright and it made me feel so happy to be there,” she exclaimed. She got a letter R pillow, an emoji pillow, clothes, and a few bracelets.

The favorite thing she bought was shoes. They were pink Sketchers with glitter that lit up! “I was so excited to show everyone and I thought it was so cool how they lit up,” said Ryan. She had never gotten Sketchers before and since everyone had them she went and got some too. She got another pair of shoes but loved the Sketchers since she needed new shoes and they were really pretty.

She didn’t really go shopping often, so receiving all those new clothes was refreshing. “I was becoming bored with my clothes and it was hard to make new outfits,” Ryan said.

Going to school with her new clothes was fun because she really enjoyed making new outfits. “When I went back to school I had so many outfits and I felt pretty cool because I had been wearing the same clothes over and over again.”

Although this was the best day of Ryan’s life, she would now change what she spent the money on. “I wish I had saved the money so I could use it now or at a later time,” said Ryan. She would’ve spent it on other stores instead. Ryan would’ve chosen to have spent the money mostly on shoes now. ”But I still really enjoy the memory and I am grateful my family was there to experience it with me,” she said.