The best day of Logan Ferguson’s life


Logan Ferguson

Christian Grant, Staff reporter

The best of Logan Ferguson’s life is doing public speaking for the first time in his life. The reason he said that doing public speaking for the first time is Because he was really bad at talking to a lot of people but no he’s not anymore.

He did the speech in Sippel elementary school in Texas in 2013 when he was in second grade. He was really nervous when he had to do it. “I was very nervous at the start but the more I kept talking the less nervous I was, ”Logan said. The speech Logan did was about why you love your family. When he finished the speech he was proud of himself “I felt really confident of myself and I wanted to do it again,” Logan said.

When he heard he had to do the speech he really didn’t want to go but his mom forced him to go. When his mom forced him to go he was really mad at his mom “I was so at mad at my mom that I didn’t talk to her for a couple hours.”