Texas House and Senate pass school finance bill


Jocelyn McComic

Rebecca Ryan

Rebecca Ryan, Reporter

You are probably wondering why this date is important, this is the day the new Bill called HB3 was passed by Texas House of Representatives relating to public school finance and public education. This bill contains funding for a full day of Pre-k for all qualifying student giving Texas children a head start on their education; A raise in the basic allotment that will infuse more resources into the classroom and help provide relief to school districts impacted by the outdated recapture formula; A new weight that provides assistance for students who are dyslexic or have a related disorder; Funding for 30 additional instruction days to allow more time for students to stay on course and succeed; Meaningful property tax relief through a tax compression across the state; and All school employees must have access to a phone at all times.

In many ways, House Bill 3 appears to be a positive step forward for public education.

However, the repeal of the G/T program will further smaller the importance of gifted education in Texas. TAGT asks Texas legislators to remove the G/T program from the list of programs being repealed in HB3. This will allow for the G/T program to continue to support G/T students in Texas. “HB 3 provides school districts with autonomy on 75% of the funding, which will allow SCUC ISD (and all school districts) the discretion to direct money for its most immediate needs, including teacher/librarian pay raises.” said Dr. Greg Gibson. He is the Superintendent of the SCUCISD district and hopefully will change our future to a better and brighter one.

“When you introduce competition into the public school system, most studies show that  the schools start to do better when they are competing for students.” said Bill Cosby.

If you really think about, this new bill might actually be good for everyone. Teachers will have a raise and the younger students will have a full day of education and might skip a few grades and maybe in high school they will have great educations just because of this new bill. Yes it may interfere with the parents timing of work  and them missing their young child but that is what nanny’s or adult friends are for also. In the long run, your child will be very smart by the time they got to middle school and the parents would be so proud and grateful for this bill.

“ I think this Bill is good for the students and helps the Pre-k kids adjust better and are better for students future education. It will most definitely change everything for the adults and teachers time but it is great for the students. ” said Arianna Fisher, 7th.

From what this student said, she is supportive of this bill passing through and  thinks that it will be great for everyone in this school district.

In my opinion, i wish i was in elementary school right now because i love seeing little kids and babies because they are just so cute, i am happy that is bill is happening, it’s great for everyone in the district because every once in a while it is great for a change because i know everyone does not like it the same but does not like change. After a while, i think everyone will adjust and really see the good side of this happening. I hope the reader of this news article is too.