Conner Escobedo’s best day of his life


Conner Escobedo’s best day of his life was when he went to Incredible Pizza with his 2 friends Ryan and Jaylee. Escobedo went with Ryan and Jaylee because they were the only friends not busy that weekend. Escobedo and his friends planned it two days in advance. “We had nothing better to do so we decided to go to Incredible Pizza,” said Escobedo.  

Although they all don’t really hangout out all together a lot, Escobedo and his friends got along very well together. Escobedo has been friends with Ryan for three years and has been friends with Jaylee for two. “Although Ryan is a closer friend than Jaylee we had lots of fun,” said  Escobedo.

Escobedo and his friends  ate pizza when they were at  Incredible Pizza. You might think since there name is Incredible Pizza  the pizza would be fantastic but Escobedo’s taste buds had a different plan. “I ate the pizza and it tasted like wood and dust,” said Escobedo. Thumbs down for that one. Wood and dust doesn’t sound very appetizing.

He played laser tag which was a large amount of fun besides the smell. “My friends and I played laser tag  in a small room had the aroma of dead person,” said Escobedo. That smell could kill somebody. Escobedo said it wasn’t really about Incredible Pizza but about his incredible friends that made his day the best.