PV: The Best Day of My Life!


Jocelyn McComic

DeLisa Booker

DeLisa Booker, Staff Reporter

The Best Day Of Kacie’s Aldrich Life

     By:DeLisa Booker

The best day of Kacie’s life was when her and her brothers went paintballing for her 12th birthday. They went to green acres and it was so fun because she usually have doesn’t that much fun with them.

The experience was exciting and fulfilling because she’s always wanted to go paintballing. And just the experience was just great! She couldn’t even take it all in because it was so fun! Her brothers are 17 and 8 so when they all got together she felt happy because it was nice family time thar she hadn’t been able to enjoy in a while since a lot of stuff was going on in her life.

The most exciting thing about it was when she was able to hit her brother in the face with a paintball. She felt really bad when it happened but  was still really happy because according to her “he already knew what he was signing up for me when he wanted to do a paintball competition!”

The best thing is that after her and my family got done paintballing she was able to go inside and play the arcade games.