PV: The STAAR Text is not the best for students

In America, every student at school have a test that determines if that student moves on to the next grade or graduates that is called the STAAR. Stands for State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness. Usually they have the STAAR tests in May because that is close to the end of the year and narrows all the stuff you have learned to this test so it is very important. There are at least 2-4, students have 4 hours to complete the test and too manage their time so they can finish and if not, every question they do not do, they miss messes up their chances for a passing grade. The teachers throughout the year are always making a big deal about the STAAR. By the state providing a standardized test, many teachers feel unable to do their job in a way to best suit their students.


STAAR is not necessary at all for any age mostly because when they learn their next subject in math or social studies, they have a test after that week or after that unit which make sures they know that they are understanding how to do it. We really don’t need it, if you think about it, some people can’t take tests, some people feel defeated and smashed down because of the stress. It makes people feel discouraged overall.


According to Wikipedia,“There is so many more things we could do with the money they use for STAAR.” Which is implying that we should save our money wisely for more important things like if their were an actual person bomb threatening our school and actually came and bombed the school or if the school was set on fire well then we have money saved or a new and better school.