PV: STAAR is unfair


Jocelyn McComic

Grace Barco

Grace Barco, Staff Reporter

The STAAR Test should not continue. I believe the test is very unfair. I am not a big fan when it comes to tests but I still have to take them and if I do I would like a test that is on grade level, reliable and fair. Although the STAAR Test seems very professional and reliable, it’s not. The test is simply unfair and not a test you should look at to see the students potential.

The State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness also known as the STAAR is given to students in grades 3-12 according to the Texas Education website. This test determines whether or not you can move onto the next grade level or graduate. This test is meant to get a better understanding if the student is having trouble learning in their grade level.

According to an April 8, 2019 Texas Public Radio article, the Reading STAAR and possibly the other STAAR Tests are 1 to 3 grade levels above grade level according to Camille Phillips. Phillips also states that teachers can only teach what is going to be on the test which can be difficult for some students. Of course you don’t know the potential of the student since they can only be taught specific information. The STAAR is unfair to students and parents. It does not make any sense to say a student failed the Reading STAAR or any STAAR if it is above grade level. That can be really frustrating for the students and parents to hear. The test is not accurate and is setting the students up to fail.  

The STAAR Test brings stress in students, parents, and teachers lives. Students are worrying about if they are going to pass and move on to the next grade level. Parents are constantly reminding the students to take it seriously and to make sure to do well or they won’t be able to move on to the next grade level with their friends. Teachers are making sure they have taught the right information to the students so they can pass. There is always this constant, unnecessary stress about the STAAR! For this reason there is no need for the STAAR in any schools.