The Best Day of Micaiah Roberts’ Life

Liberty Ottman, Staff Reporter

The best day of  Michaiah Roberts’ life happened a few weeks into an amazing season for the Harker Heights Junior Knights. It was championship game and the Junior Knights were playing against the CTX Wildcats.

Football has always been important to Roberts. When he was young, he enjoyed watching football games by himself. He especially enjoyed watching the Atlanta Falcons play. “The Atlanta Falcons have always been my favorite team because me and my family grew up liking them” Roberts says.

Roberts had been living in Harker Heights, Texas for five years when he decided to join a football team. He was eleven years old at this time. His father signed him up for a recreational team in his city. Roberts’ new team was called the Junior Knights.

Roberts was given the positions of wide receiver and corner. “I was happy when I got these positions. I never wanted a different position.” Roberts’ states. It was the third quarter of the championship game when the Junior Knights were on offense. Roberts was playing wide receiver at the time. When the center snapped the ball Roberts began running to an available space so the quarterback could throw the ball to him. The ball was thrown and… Roberts caught it! “When I caught the ball I was happy, but also really nervous,” Roberts’ says. “I was nervous because I had eight people chasing me.”

Roberts began running as fast as he could! After about twenty yards of running he was tackled by the opposing team and crashed to the ground. In the crowd Roberts’ dad and sister, Ava cheered as loud as they could. His team, including his friends Garrett and Issac praised him.

After the game Roberts wanted to celebrate. Roberts and his family went to get ice cream and enjoyed every bite of it. When talking about this experience he smiled and said, “This was the best day of my life.”