Staff spotlight: Mrs. Kate Rodriguez

Evan Sawyer, Staff reporter

Mrs. Kate Rodriguez is a 7th grade science teacher who is coming up on her 16th year of teaching, which were all at Dobie. She is devoted and always happy to teach students. She has helped nurture and shape lots of young students minds to be smarter and most importantly, better people.

She is a great role model and teacher. Mrs.Rodriguez will always be teacher here and is happy to be here she is a happy person and a great friend to ask questions because she is helpful. Mrs.Rodriguez is a big part of Dobie and forever will be.

“My favorite part about being a teacher is watching the kids being interested in the topic getting teached,” Mrs.Rodriguez said.  “The most challenging part of being a teacher is trying to get the kids interested into topics or things going on that they aren’t interested in the topic.”

She went to Washington State and stayed there until her final years of learning. She got her degree and got her job right here at Dobie.

Mrs. Rodriguez’s family includes her husband, Joel, and her 3 daughters, Alex, Renae and Juliana.
Her daughters are all either in high school or out of high school and are all in some type of extra curricular activities.

Her main hobby is riding horses. “Riding horses make me feel relaxed and it is just really fun,” Mrs. Rodriguez said.