It’s back-to-school for Dobie students

School began August 20, 2019


It’s well known that with the first week of school comes stress, anxiety, and excitement for students and staff. It’s a time for new beginnings. Students can’t help but hope for the best when they walk into their new classes where they are greeted by their enthusiastic teachers. Tuesday, August 20, the first day of school, was a mix of controlled chaos and sweet reunions.  

“The first day of school was a whirlwind of joy and controlled chaos,” said Mrs. Brewer, an 8th grade U.S. History teacher who is new to Dobie this year.

The first day of school was stressful for some, especially the seventh graders who were completely new to Dobie and students who moved and are new to the Schertz-Cibolo Universal City School District. Many students who didn’t have shot records on file had to wait in the library instead of going to class until their parents could get it resolved. “It was annoying because they said the record was not in yet,” said Thomas Courtright, 7th grader. 

Still, the halls and common areas were very crowded. “It was chaotic. There were a lot of people and they didn’t know where they were going,” said Briahnna Driver, 8th grader.

Watch our video of the first day of school!

Many of those were were lost and confused were seventh graders and new students. They seemed to be in panic mode, rushing around and asking where to go and how to get there. Teachers and administrators stood in the halls trying to guide them along their way. Of course, there are no tardies in the beginning of the school year, but students still try to hurry to make it to class on time.

Most eighth graders were more comfortable because they knew their way around. They immediately hustled to their new classes, held mostly upstairs. Kandace Castro, 8th grader, had a positive outlook for this new school year. “I’m excited for this year because of sports and athletics,” she said.

Jasmyn Martinez, 8th grader, said she was also enjoying her back-to-school experience. “I love all of my teachers already,” she said. “I’m hyped for this year all the way!”

For many students, back-to-school meant reuniting with friends. “I’m happy to be reunited with old friends and making new friends,” said Abbey Ainsworth, 8th grader. “The teachers are nice and it’s always fun to be around people.”

Many eighth graders were hugging their old teachers, but Sanaiyah Dunlap, 8th grader, found herself a bit overwhelmed. “I hate it! I can’t find any of my classes,” she said.

Many seventh graders were sad, confused, and looking around Dobie. Part of the beginning of seventh grade is adapting to the new environment, becoming more independent and being responsible. Zander Stanley, a seventh grader,  understands how much anxiety there is with being in a new school. “It’s kind of good, but it can be stressful,” Stanley said.      

Editor’s Note: Jenalyse Quiles, Katlyn Thomas, Nathan Stanley, Jayla Doane, Mia Rodriguez, and Holley Crabtree contributed to this report.