Eighth Grade Through my Eyes


Annelise Kemter, Staff Reporter

Hey! My name is Annelise Kemter; I am an eighth grader at Dobie Junior High School.


With the start of the new school year, we all have many goals. Some are far-fetched and some are more obtainable, for me I plan to maintain my eight year streak of all A’s. This may seem a daunting task at first, but I know with diligence and determination it can be done. If I receive poor marks on a test or homework, I’ll use that to my advantage. I study harder. I truly believe you’ll get what you put in, so I put in as much as I can.


Though the first few days of school seemed more foreign than it did when I entered seventh grade, I was able to navigate through it. Eighth grade is a strange year. People change immensely over that 3 month period away from school. When they return, they are different. I’ve learned it’s important to embrace these differences, because even though they’ve changed in some way- they are still themselves, and that’s what’s important. However, even more important than that, is being yourself. Though people change, you should never alter yourself to fit in. Yes, I’m aware- that’s what we’ve been told since kindergarten, but it’s true. You are you. You are not someone else.  Don’t be afraid of judgement, if they are judging you, why would you want to be like them anywho? 


Another lesson eighth grade has taught me, time management. Seventh grade showed me the importance of homework, and eighth grade showed me that you should, in fact, do it (I take it some still have yet to learn this). I’d like to add a disclaimer, I was never a bad student. I received exceptional grades, but like many other kids,  lacked the motivation. School has always come easy for me, and so I’ve never put in much work. Until this year, this year I’ve decided to focus on school. After all, it is my greatest goal to be accepted into college and receive a scholarship, so whenever graduation rolls around I can focus on my life with minimal student debt. In order to achieve this, I’ve come to the realization that colleges will look back to my eighth grade year and judge me accordingly. That frightens me, I could do much better if I only pushed myself. I could turn those 90’s into 98’s. I could impress the college of my choice. So I will try, try until I burn myself out. Try until I fall, and then I will get back up, more determined than ever before, and I will win. I will accomplish my goal. I have faith. 


Although it is only the third week, I’ve gauged what this year will be like and learned from it. I look forward to the memories to be made and the fun times to be had. Time is fleeting, and I will make the most of it. After all, I’m only in eighth grade once. So watch out world, this year is going to be great!