My Goals


Ashlyn Roberts , Staff Reporter


Hello. My name is Ashlyn Roberts. I am an 8th grader at Dobie Jr. High School. I have two main goals for the school year. One is that I really wanted to make the volleyball team this year. Another one is that I would like to exempt my algebra final/EOC and the end of this year. My last goal is to get  faster and stronger.

I ended up making the volleyball team already this year. We just played our first actual game of the season against Metzger. We ended up winning that one. We have been practicing really well lately, so I hope that ends up translating into our playing. My ultimate goal is for us to get an undefeated banner this year. After Dobie, I would like to go on to play for Steele.

My other goal is to exempt my algebra final/EOC at the end of the year. Our EOC is the 8th grade version of the STAAR test. I do not like taking the STAAR test so I really hope that I am able to exempt it this year. To exempt the EOC, you have to have a certain grade in algebra and you can only have a certain amount of absences. I am going to try really hard this year that I will keep up my grades and not be absent. 

My last goal is to get stronger and faster. I train with a volleyball coach who makes me better every week. I would like to get stronger and faster through athletics this year. In athletics, we go to the weight room, which I’m hoping will make me stronger. We also go out and run on the track, which I’m hoping will help me get faster.