Goals for this year


Hunter Bassel, Staff reporter

Hello. My name is Hunter Bassel but I go by Bassel. I am an 8th grader at Dobie  Jr. High school. I have two goals for this year. The first one is to pass all my honors classes with all A’s. The second one is to make the soccer team and an event in the track meet.

I already have A’s in all of my classes except one that one class being Algebra. This year has been good so far, Though a lot of my friends have gotten their schedule changed so they aren’t in my classes anymore. Getting A’s isn’t really hard from me, usually I don’t have to study and i just pass, kinda naturally.

I train with my speed and agility trainer, and my soccer trainer to improve before soccer and track season start. I usually focus a lot in athletics, trying not to get distracted making me a better athlete, and a better player. I do have a lot of faith that I could make the team if I do try.

I do have a third goal which is to pass the EOC which is what dictates if I go to 9th grade or not.