Books v. Fanfiction


Kayla Reisner, Staff Reporter

Books or fanfiction? That is the question. But first of all, what is fanfiction? People have many different takes at what it is.

“People who write about their favorite fandom and it’s not real- because fanfiction,” said Amerie Fernandez, 8th grader.

Mrs.Higgins, 8th grade pre-ap and regular ELA teacher, has her own definition for fanfic. “To me, fanfic is a type of writing where readers, ‘fans’, utilize characters or situations from a published novel and develop new conflicts/ plots etc. around those characters/ situations.”

They also have different opinions on books, such as, “Books can take you to a whole other place!” Fernandez said.

If you’re interested in reading or finding fan fiction, go to or download the app, as it was most recommended. Wattpad is a great reading app used by many and you can not only read, but also write what you please. It’s easy to use for reading and writing.

How often do you read? Most kids don’t read enough. Although teachers give out homework of reading in some way, students should be driven to read.

Some students have solved that problem by finding authors they really like and authors that write close to the authors they like.

Esquilin’s favorite author is Shel Silverstein, who is a very popular poet. Her favorite book is Everything On It, by Silverstein. She feels as if she’s in the book when she reads Silverstein’s works. Check him out someday!

Part of reading enough is finding the right times, as well.

“Technically, I read everyday- articles and various texts for lessons, emails, etc.- as for novels,  I try to read a few times a week in the evenings before I go to bed – when I’m not totally zonked from teaching all day,” Mrs.Higgins said.

So, maybe a little reading before bed will refresh your brain.

After talking to various people, there wasn’t a definite answer as to a favorite between fan fiction and books. The students I spoke to all read, pretty much, an equal amount of both, so, in conclusion, one is not better than the other.

(Unless, you have a different opinion…..)