Dobie artists get creative with anime and more

Maia Janine Reyes

The poignant scent of Sharpie traced upon pencil linings of a silhouette. The drawings of people’s interests with so much detail. Many Dobie students enjoy creating art in many different ways. One way is anime.

Have you noticed how many students draw anime? Not only do they enjoy drawing anime, but they enjoy doing cartoons and realistic drawings.

People have their own way of being creative and unique in their art. Everyone has different motivations and inspirations that lure them into doing art.

“It’s hard to find motivation. I usually have to look on Google like searching my favorite band,”said Kayla Reisner, 8th grader.

In art class, students were assigned to create a piece based on their personality like what they enjoy playing,watching, or learning. They would draw it on the inside of a human figure shaped as a woman or man, also known as a silhouette. Each and every drawing looking different in many ways. There were fascinating details.

“Art really is just something to express your feelings on. It also gives you something fun to do,and helps pass time when you have nothing to do,”Reisner responded, choosing her words carefully.

The 8th and 7th grade art teachers are Mrs.Harper and Ms.Uecker. Mrs. Harper’s class has a whiteboard filled with different student artworks as an example of originality.  Summer Williams, an 8th grade art student in Mrs. Harper’s class, said, “I think that Mrs. Harper is really nice. Art is more than just drawing. I think that when people see other people’s artwork everyone sees it in a different point of view.”  

In art class, students are assigned to create big art pieces so they have to make their own portfolio. Many students decorate their portfolio as Williams did. Williams put a fancy cursive writing of her name on front.

Students are also beginning a design sketchbook where they will have to glue beginning of the year mini art pieces in their sketchbook and will do things such as the index card challenge.

The index card challenge is when the teacher assigns a theme such as the most recent, old school. Students had to draw things that they thought were old school and draw onto their card. Mrs. Harper’s board showed examples of a dinosaur, an old telephone, a cassette tape, and a radio.