My eventful summer


Bailey Rueda, Staff Reporter

Hello. My name is Bailey Rueda. I am an 8th grader at Dobie Jr. High school.


 This summer was one of the best summers. To start it off my birthday was June 15. I had one of my closest friends sleep over June 14, and then on the 15th we went to an escape room. The escape room was extremely fun and stressful at the same time. We ended up escaping with 23 minutes left. My family, my friend, and I went to a restaurant afterwards, I forget what it’s called but the pizza was huge. We left and then my friend slept over again. I was so grateful to get to spend my birthday with people close to me.That was the first truly fun thing I did this summer.

On June 22 my family rented a bounce house,a double water slide, snow cone machine, and cotton candy machine. My parents let me invite another one of my closest friends. The bounce house was tall and had an obstacle course inside of it. The double water slide was very slippery because along with the water we added soap. My friend and I went on the water slide and it was extremely fast. We couldn’t stop laughing or smiling. The cotton candy machine was really cool and delicious. It had three flavors grape, cherry, and blue raspberry.  The snow cone machine was also delicious. We had an array of syrup flavors including cherry,strawberry,lemonade, and orange. Everything was getting picked up the next day. So at 1 a.m. my friend and I went on the bounce house, slide, and ate snow cones. We were extremely bruised and scraped from the water slide, but it was so worth it. 

Some old friends from my home state, Ohio, were coming down to visit. They got to our house on July 19th. They have three boys, one my age, one 11, and one 6. We took them to a Whataburger since there isn’t one in Ohio. They wanted to go to the Riverwalk so we took them. It was extremely hot but it was fun. We spent almost the whole day there. We then went back to our house. The next step in our plan was to meet up in Galveston. They left for Galveston a day earlier than us. We then met up with them the next day. We had a hotel on the ocean, it was beautiful.When I woke up in  the morning I could look out of the window and see the ocean. We went to all the tourist attractions, the Pleasure Pier was the best. It’s an amusement park over the ocean. The roller coaster was high, the rides were fun. We went out to eat, then crab hunting on the beach at night. It was definitely a lot of fun. I was super happy I got to see people who reminded me of home.