Jacie Horn


Hello.My name is Jacie Horn.I’m an 8th grader at Dobie Jr. High School. My goal for the school year is to be an A honor,or an B honoral or a,A and B honoral because last year i didnt really care but now im supper excited for this year to be good and me really care about my grades.Also last year their was a lot of drama and i was involved in a lot of it because i was being stupid and not trying to worry about my life, but trying to worry about others and i just figured that out this year and i’ve been a smily person and happy and has always had the biggest smile on my face latly and my mom and Mr.Jackson has noticed it a lot and i’m supper proud of me. My grades have been amazing lately this beginning of the year I have almost all 100’s in my classes and I’ve been on top of my work and have been organized and on top of everything a i immediately worked on a bad grade i got in math and now i have a 100 in that class so far.I’m just super proud of myself and how good i’ve been doing so far,I’m just gonna try and keep it that way for the rest of the year,but i don’t i know if that’s actually gonna happen.I just really like my classes and I think that’s part of the reason I’m doing so good,Because last year i had mean teachers that were so just out and flat out mean and rude and that makes me feel like I don’t like them so I won’t listen that’s basically what happened.  So far my school year has been pretty good but i did just lose my boyfreind because of somethin stupid you know what it’s okay because i’m ok,it hurt at first but not anymore my friends we’re there and gave me a big huge and made me feel great and happy.But overall my year has been great because i have a t of new freinds that are amazing and great people that are deffinitly there for me and i’m there for them for as long as i’m a live no matter what.My school year was really great and i  feel like i’m gonna be a great student and person this year.