My Summer On The Road


Brooke Grocott, Staff Reporter

Hello my name Is Brooke Grocott I’m an 8th grader at Dobie Junior High School. My summer was pretty eventful with everything that happened and with the road trips,My mom moved to California because she thought my other mom got the job down in California,but she ended up not getting the job. We ended up staying out there for two weeks with her until we had to make the drive back to Texas. We stayed out here for about a month then we went back for a week,and my parents and my brother got together and she came back for a few days for my birthday!


Other than all that my summer was pretty good I mostly hung out with my friend ,in fact I practically lived at her house with her parents and her older brother. We went outside when it was dark and shined her laser pointer down the street to see how far it would go and it hit the water tower and we then figured out if we can see it so can other people. We ended up running inside laughing because we were shining it in the sky and most likely people could see it. But after that we played on her brothers Play Station with him and we ended up passing out at four in the morning.


My brothers old girlfriend also took me to this old place in the middle of a field and she played nine pin bowling while I was with her,there were a bunch of older people playing too and there was brisket that tasted really good.She ended up winning with her group and getting fifty dollars for winning.