My goals for the year


Brayden Rooks, Staff Reporter

Hello. My name is Brayden Rooks and I am currently an 8th grader that attends J. Frank Dobie Junior High School. During my first three weeks of school, I’ve gotten to know my teachers and the way that they teach. All of my teachers do a good job with communicating the information that the students will need throughout the school year, which is something that I find important in a teacher. After a few days, I have been able to successfully get to all of my classes on time everyday. Once I got my locker, I had to change the route that I go to get to all of my classes. It hasn’t affected me negatively, but had to adjust the way I get to my classes so I can get to all of them on time. My overall school experience these first three weeks has just felt like a continuation of my 7th grade year. It wasn’t like going from 6th to 7th grade, when I had to transition to a new school. I still go to the same school that I did last year, so I already knew my way around the school on the first day.


After experiencing some of my classes, I have set a few goals for myself that I wish to accomplish throughout the school year. I am currently in a class that is a high school credit, being Honors Algebra 1. Taking a high school course makes me feel the need to work harder in all of my classes, to help my future of going to college or. I want to have really great grades to improve my chances of getting into better schools once I graduate high school. My current goal is to have all 95’s or higher in each of my classes, but that may fluctuate during my time in 8th grade. 


I don’t only have academic goals, but also goals involving my extra-curricular classes. I take a tennis class as one of my electives, so I hope to improve my tennis skills and make the tennis team. The tryouts aren’t until February, which gives me enough time to improve my tennis skills. Another thing that I play the french horn in band. I plan to still do band while I am in high school and college, so it’s important to practice now to prepare myself in the future.


Although I set pretty high standards for myself, I only do it so I can improve. I have set multiple goals for myself, but with enough hard work and dedication, I know that I might be able to achieve them.