Annaise Aponte-Banton

Annaise Aponte-BAnton, Staff Reporter

School through my eyes

By: Annaise Maria Aponte-Banton


Hi! My name is Annaise (but I prefer to be called Anna) and i’m an 8th grader here at Dobie Jr. High School. It’s my second year here and honestly I can’t wait for school to be over. I miss sleeping in and staying up all night talking and facetiming people. Not to mention It’s only the third week of school and I’ve already injured myself two or three times and it has hurt a lot. But on the brighter side though I’m getting High School credits this year and this upcoming summer.


This year our athletic teams are amazing both the volleyball and football scrimmage were incredible, we have a lot of talent this year. And even though I want school to end already I honestly like it, I missed seeing people that I couldn’t see during the summer and meeting and getting to know new people.  This year I have a bottom locker and It’s actually not that bad and I kinda like having a locker upstairs, last year my locker was downstairs and was a top one. Honestly, I actually really like my teachers this year, they’re pretty great, I feel like they’re actually listening to me this year, unlike some of my teachers from previous years.


And if I’m being honest I can’t wait for highschool and  summer 2020 I’m taking algebra and language so I can get ahead freshman year. I also can’t wait for soccer tryouts, I like soccer alot like alot alot, It’s kinda an “obsession”. All of my classes are a lot easier this year and I feel like this year is gonna be great. And that’s pretty much it so until next time and make sure to enjoy the little things in life and remember to try your best