Aaliyah Malik Aranda


Aaliyah Malik Aranda, Staff Reporter

               Summer of 2019

                                             By Aaliyah Malik Aranda (Liyah)


Hello and welcome to my summer! I’m Aaliyah and I’m an 8th grader at Dobie Jr. High. I will tell you about my summer! This year, summer could’ve gone better. Here’s why.


My summer was very busy, and on top of that problems. A whole bunch of them. Well let’s start from the beginning. In June on the first week I believe I was in the JPA ( Junior Police Program). It was really fun because we got to meet the S.W.A.T team, a K-9, and EMS.  The dog had the cutest name, his name was Bingo! We got to go to the Juvenile Detention (also known as juvie) in Seguin, Texas and we also went to the adult jail and the animal shelter. Those dogs were so cute! And sadly it got to the last day, but it was fun though because we had a party and graduated and all of us became Junior Police Officers! After that, the next week I went to a camp retreat for my church. It was super fun because I met     new people and I started liking someone too. Found out his name was Connor and I knew him since last year! When we were in the church at camp he walked up to me and told me he liked me. But enough of him, after that I went back home on father’s day and spent all day with my dad. But to be honest, my mom and I have problems with my dad so I didn’t want to go but I went anyway. 


Now it’s July, but there’s literally nothing to talk about because that’s how boring and  not so awesome it was. The month of July sucked. So I went with my dad all of July. July 4th also known as the 4th of July was great and was also the day season 3 of Stranger Things came out. I watched season 3 and it was so good! I was always at my dad’s work which meant I went out of town a lot. I went to church and had fun, I guess, but I always had nothing to do. Oh, but I got my nails done and got my hair done.


Now it’s August, yay! The week I got back which was the first week of August I went to Oklahoma to see my family. Oklahoma was fun because I  got to eat, sleep, sing, dance, and hang out with the family. I got new shoes, a phone case, jewelry, and a new pair of glasses. 


Well that was my summer so see ya!