My Summer Vaction

Nia Mitchell, STAFF reporter

Hello. My name is Nia Mitchell.


I am a 7th grader at Dobie Junior High my goals are improving in my Art & Literature, I plan on becoming a writer or a photographer as I get older.

My goals for school include being more zealous with my emotions, and more nicer,polite and more approaching too my peers,And I hope that I become less distant with my family and love ones.


*What did I do for my summer?*


I had a birthday party and invited my friends named Alyson and her twin named Elizabeth,and we watched an anime movie called  REDLINE, it was about drag racing and OMG was it amazing, I also tried hanging with my twin sister friends, some of them were ok I would say in my opinion  


But overall it wasn’t the most exciting summer break, but it wasn’t the most boring summer break, to me it was just you know ok?.