Chantel Hornsby


Chantel Hornsby, staff reporter

Hello my name is Chantel Hornsby.      

I am a 7th grader at Dobie jr high. 


My crazy summer 

My summer was suntastic. In the beginning it was just BORING. I had work pages to do and chores. After I finished everything I watch TV or sleep 🙂 . Once my mom got home I go outside until it is time to eat. 


After I eat I get ready for bed  I go play video games or watch TV until 11:00 at night. Know lets talk about the good things. My friends and I did a lemonade stand and on the first day we got $50.00. Then we went to Philly for the fourth of July which was great. The fireworks were so beautiful with all the colors. My sister got sick though. 


Once we came back it was the same routine plus grounding.  IT WAS THE WORST. I got grounded so much it SUCKED. I got grounded for not doing my chores or not doing my work book pages. My summer was a mixture of  fun and boring and good or bad.I still had fun and I can’t wait for next summer.