Kyla Whitaker


Kyla Whitaker, Staff Reporter

My goals for this school year

Hello, my name is Kyla Whitaker everybody calls me Kyla. I’m an eighth grader at Dobie Junior High. I’m going to write about how school has been because I didn’t do much this summer. School has been going really good so far. I’m new to Dobie and to Texas in general. I moved here from Chester,Virginia at the beginning of summer. So I’m new to the way that things are worked and the classes and stuff like that.


My goals for this year is to make new friends because at the moment of me writing this i don’t have that many. I have some friends in Texas but all of my close and best friends are in Virginia. Another goal for this year is to earn all of the highschool credit for the classes that give it. My highschool credit classes are honors algebra, and art. My final goal is to get good grades because last year I had a lot of ups and downs with my grades but I maintained high grades throughout the year. 


I’m also excited for Cougar time because at my old school we didn’t have time during the day to do our homework and work for our classes. So when the student got home after school we would all be drenched in homework at my old school. Another thing that I’m excited for are football games and sports in general. Also next year I want to try out for sports teams